Arriving at the Hotel San Marco you will first notice the largeness of its spaces. The terrace, with its several flowers where the guests can relax in the plants shadow, and the hall are pretty large spaces and also in the high season periods when the hotel is quite full each guest can find the right space for himself. During the summer the terrace is the centre of the hotel life and each occasion, like the after dinner or the Middle Summer Gala, is fine to spend a little bit of time there.


A small bar, with its rare selection of liquors and spirits, faces toward the hall. A moment of rest for a romantic aperitif or a welcome drink to give a  hearty welcome to a new guest are wisely managed by the staff.


Just behind the bar there's a large relax room. Far from all other common spaces there you can find a depper level of silence and relax inside the hotel. In this room there's a grand piano that on request can gladden guest evenings Lontana da tutto il resto consente di godere di un livello ulteriore di pace all'interno di questo tranquillo hotel;  in the corner of the room the business center with printer available 24/24 for the guests. A table games selection is available for adults and children.


Few steps and you reach the multifuncional room. This is a small room that is usually set as TV room with a 42" plasma tv and some comfortable sofas. Sometimes on request this room can be set as a meeting room and equipped with all needed tools.