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Training camps

In the recent past, that to the cooperation between San Marco Sport Events and Hotel San Marco, this place has been site for training camps of international sport teams, in fact the union of the hospitality culture and the know-how of persons that operate since many years in the world of the sport events, create a package completed in all its aspects for all sport companies that have to manage this experience. Experience a training camp at the San Marco Hotel means to find kindness and flexibility, but also easily enjoy skills and services like fields bookings, screening scheduling with other teams of a suitable level.

Some details about the San Marco Sport Events company:

Services offered by San Marco Sport Events, are finalized to realize a serie of activities thtat completely satisfy all support and management requests that usually soccer and sport operators can have:

  • Summer sport tours
  • Friendly games , celebratory matches and tournaments management
  • Development of international partnerships among sport involved subjects
  • Sport marketing management
  • Sport events management
  • TV rigts brockerage

Moreover, San Marco Sport Events is involved, toghether with MK.A. Comunicazione Integrata, in the Expo Goal organization, the first congressional exposition dedicated to the soccer world, for all Federations, Clubs, Leagues, Companies and for all persons involved in the soccer world.

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